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About Us

How it began

Back in 2006 I returned to playing Underwater Hockey, having had several years out chasing other dreams! My issue was I didn't have a pair of fins to play anymore, which was a major problem! The Ala, which was the main fin used, had been discontinued, so options were limited. So I hit the web and after lots of homework I found a company in Estonia called Leaderfins who made just what I was after. Once they arrived all my team mates and other players from other teams wanted a pair, so I found myself ordering them on their behalf. I sensed a gap in the market and fuelled with my passion for my sport an opportunity presented itself.

The next step was to setup a website selling them, and this is where fins4u was born. Over time we started to supply Spearfishing/Freediving fins (my other hobby!) and lifesaving fins. But I wanted more!! I wanted my own fins, something better than anything else on the market, and not at the sort of prices that make your eyes water! Surely it can't be that hard can it!? Well not as easy as I thought! Took over two years from the first design to the final product to be released. But all the testing, blood, sweat and tears were worth it, the 'Pure Evolution' Pure Carbon Fins were born. The feedback was amazing, and without sounding too corny that meant more than anything else. We quickly added the 'Pure Evolution DP' to the mix following several requests. We now have top Freedivers and Spearfishermen all over the world using our fins.

These fins gave us (now a family run business due to increase in size - just when they thought it was time to retire!) the tools and experience to start adding leaderfins to our preferred Pathos foot pockets, so we could offer the popular combination.

What's next?

Well, our first Underwater Hockey pair of fins have now been released, called the K8s (Carbon and Fibreglass blade options with the pathos foot pocket). Also with a strap version on its way in the very near future. Again following the same principle as before, top quality at realistic prices. More fins will be following these over the next couple of years, as well as few more products outside of fins which are in the pipeline.

About me

My name is David Stephens and I was born in 1980 in Poole, Dorset. I started Spearfishing and playing underwater hockey from the age of around 7/8 after following my dad Alan around hanging on his float for a few years! I also played Semi Professional football for many years, before deciding, that 3 sports were probably a bit much! So football was ditched as not quite enough water involved for my liking.

I have represented Great Britain at both Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey (Including 2 European Silver medals). On the club side I play for Southsea who invented the game many years back, where we have won several National Championships (current champions) and over the last couple of years have won silver at the Euro Club Championships twice.

Take a look at our FAQ page for more detailed information. If you have any other queries please contact us.